Factors To Consider When Designing Air Intake Hoses

Nov. 20, 2021

Intake hoses are an integral part of vehicle and heavy equipment engines. These systems are usually made from moulded plastic or cast metal, but more flexible materials such as rubber and silicone are also available. The main purpose of an air intake hose is to ensure that there is enough oxygen to keep the engine to which it is connected running smoothly. This requirement means that certain things need to be borne in mind when designing these intake hoses. This article focuses on these requirements and more.


Which industries are using air intake hoses?

Flexible air intake hoses made from rubber are common in the automotive industry, and they are also popular in other industries such as


Manufacturing equipment

Construction equipment

Cooling systems


Air blowing/ventilation equipment

Furnaces and industrial heating

Agricultural equipment

Air Intake Hose

 Air Intake Hose

Factors to consider when designing air intake hoses

Adding oxygen or air can improve the performance of an engine. If the amount of air is insufficient, the engine will not run at optimum performance and will require more fuel to run. Intake hoses form an airtight intake system. Any manufacturing defects in the hoses can affect engine performance and lead to poor fuel economy. Therefore, certain points need to be considered when creating intake hoses.


Accuracy: The dimensional accuracy of the intake hose is important. It is therefore essential that the manufacturing process is controlled to meet the requirements of the original design.

Material: The choice of material depends on the following factors.

The operating temperature of the equipment or vehicle in which the hose will be used

the working environment of the equipment or vehicle

the required flexibility and vacuum resistance

Resistance to ozone, UV or chemicals


Just like anything else around the engine, design, material and quality are all important when choosing an air intake hose.


The air intake tube is used to connect the air filter housing and mass air flow sensor to the throttle actuator or body. The Hongan Air intake Hose has superior performance and longer service life to avoid leakage.


Find a reliable intake hose supplier 

Established in 1999, He Bei Hong An Automobile & Motorcycle Fittings Co., Ltd. has four strategic products: rubber radiator hose, heater hose, turbo hose and oil hose. Besides, we also produce rubber and plastic products including sealing strip, engine mount, boot and bumper. Hongan always regards product quality as the foundation of enterprise development. There are advanced automatic production and testing equipment in factory, which effectively ensure the quality of products.


It is important to source flexible intake hoses from a trusted and reliable manufacturer such as Hong An. The company specialises in bespoke air intake hoses and tubes and has been supplying customers in countless industries with customised specifications. You can choose the length, inner diameter, material, wall thickness and overall flexibility so that you can avoid leaks and loose connections as well as allowing easy routing in any compartment.

Let us help you find the best air intake hoses for your project. When you contact us, please provide your detailed requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.

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